Terms and Conditions


For safety purposes, if you have allergic skin please do a patch test before using the products you have not used before. Stop using the products if skin irritation occurs.We shall not be held responsible for any skin irritation occuring from using the products, for serious conditions please consult a doctor immediately.

  • Ordering & Payments

Payment have to be made within 48 hours after you’ve confirmed your order, otherwise we will presume the orders are cancelled.

If you decide to cancel/backout your order, please let us know before payment is made. No refund is given after payment is made.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

  • Shipment & Delivery

After items are delivered, exchange/refund of items are not allowed. Please check your items when it’s being delivered.

All shipments to an address outside of Singapore are subject to additional charges.

Purchaser will bear all the costs related to shipment.

  • Warranty

“The Beauty Phase” and “NuGGs” makes no warranties whatsoever.

In no event shall “The Beauty Phase” and “NuGGs” be liable for any consequential damages or damages of any kind or nature alleged to have resulted from any breach of warranty.

  • General

The terms & conditions, as published on “The Beauty Phase’s Web Site”, http://thebeautyphase.com at the time of sales, are the official terms and conditions of sales between “The Beauty Phase” and Purchaser and may be amended from time to time without notice at The Beauty Phase’s sole discretion.


8 responses to “Terms and Conditions

  1. Hi! Yes we do ship there.
    You may proceed to the order form and follow the instructions there 🙂

    We take in most Korean brands.

    Thank you!

  2. elaine

    Hi I m fr Canada, wondering if u deliver here

  3. Hello!
    We have just replied to your email.
    Please take a look yea?

    Thank you!

    — The Beauty Phase

  4. Roszita

    Hihi…how do u make an order….via email??

  5. Dear LYY,

    I have just sent in an email to you. Please take a look. =)

    Thank you!

    – The Beauty Phase

  6. LYY

    Hi, I’m from Malaysia. I’m wondering how do we international buyers make our payment? And the free delivery for purchase more than SGD15, does that apply to international buyers as well? It will be good if you can email me.

  7. Dear DM,

    I have just sent an email to you. And yes, we are glad to provide international shipping for you as well. 🙂

    Thank you!

    — The Beauty Phase

  8. DM

    Hi!. im from the Philippines. I just wanna ask if you ship here as well? im interested in your products and i have tried some products for Men from the face shop.. problem is, stocks here in the Philippines are limited so im trying to find another option and i happen to searched ur website on google..
    I will wait for your response. Thank you 😉

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